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My System Specs

Default Modifications

My modifications began with soldering direct contact points to the power and reset buttons, as well as the LED. The other end of the wires all got motherboard connectors, for obvious reasons. I also pulled apart the power button and deliberately broke the piece which holds the button in; the motherboard didnít like it, and I needed to make it into a contact switch instead of a constant connection switch.

Now, I donít have many pictures from the in-between process, primarily because it was full of epic failure. I had originally intended to sit the motherboard just above the bottom of the NES case. However, I decided to purchase two Retrozone NES Controller to USB adaptors and promptly modded them to fit in the front of the case. Unfortunately, they extended into the case NOTABLY farther than the original controller connectors, which meant that they interfered with the motherboard placementÖ.As it turned out, so did the NESís power and reset buttons. A change was in order.

I ended up shaving off the tops of the connectors as much as possible with my dremel, in order to allow the motherboard to sit as low as it possibly could, but still allow for the controller adapters. This, in turn, made the motherboard sit high enough that the RAM and PSU interfered with the DVD driveÖ.and my head exploded.

At the same time, I was running into another problem with the DVD-ROM drive; it apparently had a proprietary connection, which didnít fit the standard adapters. I found this out after purchasing two DIFFERENT adaptersÖmostly because I was impatient. In the end, I decided that I would just buy a Slimline SATA DVD-RW drive from NCIX, b/c it was on special.

Imagine my anger, when I realized (Iím not overly familiar with laptop parts, obviously) that while laptop SATA hard drives use standard SATA connections, Slimline SATA optical drives DO NOT. I promptly ordered the only adapter that NCIX had that seemed to fit the bill.

Just to add insult to injury, the new adapter had male SATA connectorsÖ.just like the drive. The final adapter is in the mail from, as NCIX didnít have any.

Meanwhile, I needed a way to attach the DVD drive to the inner lid of the NES, but a way that wouldnít be obvious and mar the look of the case. The solution was a bracket, cut from the original NES innards, and krazy glued to the lid.

This, of course, only secured the rear of the drive, but the left side (from front view) was held by the case plastic, which I cut specifically to allow for the drive, and the right side JUST touched the heatsink on the motherboard, which gave it something to lean on (though I was still unsure how the whole thing would fare heat-wise at that point).

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