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My System Specs

Lightbulb Mini-ITX Emulator Box in an NES

Well, I wasn't going to post this until the entire system was done, but it's been one hangup after another, and I *think* I'm on the last problem to sort out now, as the DVD drive is currently on RMA with NCIX. I really hope that's the last problem! Here's my build log for my NES PC:

This project started when I was suddenly very interested in case mods. I initially thought of doing a Fallout 3 or a Diablo III case mod, but for some reason the idea of “hidden” systems really appealed to me, and the idea of an emulator box that was actually built inside an NES was most appealing of all.

Now, I realize that this has been done before; in fact, I used quite a number of online write-ups on NES computers to help me decide how exactly I was going to put the project together….then I ended up scrapping almost every idea I had.

I started, of course, with an old NES. I took out all of the guts, and used my dremel to cut down most of the interior screw posts, except those that hold the case together. I also cut out the inside part of each “L” shaped slot for the topside ventilation, which I hoped would improve airflow in a SFF case with no fans. Lastly, I cut out the back panel, which originally housed the channel selector, and AC adapter input.

My parts of choice were: the Atom based 330 DC, with integrated GMA 950 GPU, a 1GB stick of Crucial RAM, an IDE-based DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive I bought used, and a 90W PicoPSU/Adapter kit.

In addition, I had a trusty new Mastercraft “rotary tool”—which I will call a Dremel for the same reason I call “hygienic tissues” Kleenex; I’m lazy. I also had a 60GB 2.5” SATA hard drive, which I took out of my PS3 when I put in a 320GB Scorpio drive.
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