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Default Ultra Aluminus Build with pics

Hi Everyone,

Switched over from my ghetto spider-bat case to the Ultra Aluminus I picked up last week. Thought I'd document the process and take some pictures in case anyone else was interested in purchasing this product.

Two cases side by side. Note the poor airflow in the mid-tower. This should be resolved after moving to a full tower!
Front side view. As you can see, both have doors. I like this style because it gives the case a polished look. The aluminus has the advantage of a 2nd door, making installing drives into the bays and front intake fans a cinch.

The 120mm fan sits snugly in the hole. No screws to hold it in place, and the wire fits through a purposeful hold to the 3pin fan connector. You'll notice how the 3.5" panels have screws holding them in place. I snap the plastic pieces that hold these in place all the time, so I thought this features was well thought out.

Taking everything out of the old case. Now you see why I call this case the "spider-bat". Picked it up at a charity yard sale for $5.
Installing the hard drives took me a bit of time to figure out. This was my first experience with quick access trays, so I'm used to putting the screws in the sides. There are rubber grommets on the bottom to help reduce noise, and next to each grommet is a screw hole that is used to mount it from the bottom. Very cool. I installed them with the cables facing away from the window, naturally.

The motherboard tray is a joy to work with. There are 2 screws holding it in place, and a sliding motion removes it from the base. Once removed, it's really nice to be able to work on the motherboard from all angles.
Out of the way kitty! I have a rig to build!
Putting the tray back in is easy as well. Just grab the provided handles and push it up against the backing. Slide it across and screw the thumbscrews back in. Very sturdy.
From the back.
Outtake fan and grill came with the case. I may consider putting a second fan back to back.

Time for cable management. Manipulating all the power and data cables takes patience, but with all the different holes available it made the job turn out quite nice.

The case also came with a front panel hookup with 2 usb, firewire, and ac97/hd audio connectors.

4870 goes in. Previously, the 2x6pin power connectors were pressing up against my sata cables. As you can see here, I have plenty of room to add a 2nd 4870!

Almost done. Clean up a bit of the cables.

Closing it up was a major PITA. I have one gripe about this case; that the flexible aluminum is difficult to line up on all 4 corners simultaneously when putting the sides back on.
It *dwarfs* my 22" monitor.

Anyhow, I will be adding some LED filled PCBs in the next few weeks. I'm very happy with this case and I would pay the $50 again without question. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them here.

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