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Chances are 3 GTX 260s wouldnt fill up the bandwidth of a 8x slot, or would see very little loss in performance from that, the P6T would be a good alternative though. The P6T your thinking of at NCIX is the SE version for that price though and only supports Crossfire without a bios flash. btw the EVGA x58 runs at 16/8/8, GTX 285s would probubly see a cut in performance but a GTX 260 more then likely wouldnt, especially when SLIed. The P6T is the same thing, 16/16/8, when SLIed each card will need to perform at the same level as the other 2, so in tri SLI you still technically running at the speed of your weekest link. Both boards would be a good choice IMHO but neither stand up to the classified or other higher end boards when it comes to tri sli.
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