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Originally Posted by Chos3n View Post
I bought mine for 559$ ... yup that was back then when the PS3 came out and was at 659.99$ (was at 699.99$ when the dollar sucked). Then, they were phasing out the 60GB since the new 80GB were coming. Wal-Mart had a 100$ rebate on it and since I used to work there... I got an additional 10% off ... :) So, 500$ before taxes.

Put any PS1 and PS2 games and they work!
Yeah... I bought mine at 679.99... literally a week before they went up to 699.99. I counted myself lucky at the time. Now? Not so much. I love my PS3, and really love the backwards compatibility, four USB, integrated wireless, card reader, etc, etc. But damn that was expensive. The things we buy when we work at Best Buy in the games department and are in grade 12, with no concept of how much money you really need to save for university...

Still, don't regret it at all, PS3 is great
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