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Default Antec 120mm Fans

So I am looking on for two new computer fans. I would prefer the old cliche blue LED fans. (It just matches everything else. My old build was green, and now I am doing the blue thing, Blue ilumanated keyboard, a Blue Razer Mouse, etc) Anywho, I am needing to fill those two 'additional' fan slots on my Antec 1200.
I was looking at - Buy Antec TriCool 120MM Blue LED Case Fan 3PIN 4PIN W/ 3 Speed Switch - TRICOOL120MMBLUELED In Canada.
However, the picture shows "80mm", so is this fan 80mm or 120mm?
Also on Antecs website
Antec - TriCool 80mm Blue LED=
It says "80 120mm".
WHAT SIZE IS THIS FAN?! Or can anyone point me to any other good fans on
Thank you.
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