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Default Getting new i7 machine need advice

im planning on getting a bran new i7 gaming machine with liquid cooling in late june. Ive saved up a fund of $3000 and that could go up over the next few weeks. Im ignoring the tax for now and trying to eliminate shipping cost as much as i can. I have gotten alot of advice and put together a list of parts.

Heres the system:
HAF 932 Case $184.99
Core i7 920 $374.99
Gigabyte X58 UD5 mobo $359.99
eVGA GTX 295 w/ backplate $659.99
Corsair Dominator 3x2GB DDR3-1600 $207.24
WD 1TB caviar black HDD $124.99
Corsair 1kw PSU $248.99
Creative Titanium FATAL1TY $151.20
LG 22x w/ lightscribe $36.99
LG 22x Dual-layer $29.99

Heres the cooling:
HW Labs GT Stealth 360 120mm x 3 rad $59.01
Swiftech APOGEE GTZ cpu block $68.29
XSPC 5.25" Bay Clear Reservoir $31.67
Feser One Red UV non-conductive coolant $15.21
DD CPX1 12V Pump $35.95
Corsair triple channel RAM fan $39.99

Also :
Logisys Dual UV Cold Cathode $6.08
Logisys Dual Red Cold Cathode $9.19

Samsung SyncMaster T240 5ms monitor $329.99

TOTAL COST (minus tax) : $2974.74

Thats the entire list right now.

First off i should say that I have never used liquid cooling before but I have a friend who has and will help me set it up. I have biult a few computers but only out of scrounged parts and a very low budget. Nothing like this. But despite this i have the resources to have it put together professionally. I have no intention of doing it by myself.

For the liquid cooling, im not really sure what good brands are. Ive done a bit of research and learned alot but i still don't know all the little things that make a good system. Please give me suggestions for any changes to the cooling.

Please give me all the critisism you can. If you think the entire thing is a dumb idea and a disaster waiting to happen please tell me and give me any suggestions you can. I am very new at this and am upgrading from my p4 3ghz dell 5100.

Thanks you very much.
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