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with a single video card and even max overclocked that PC will never draw more then 550w, but having the 750w might be good for the long haul, less power being drawn means it runs cooler, but the 850w would probubly do for a tri SLI build (GTS 250s atleast). Im kind of envious of your build though, your really gonna love it, and once you get it settled in you should mess around with overclocking, nothing beats free performance boosts.

EDIT: take the money you saved and drop it on a cooler for that CPU, like the TRUE black... - Buy Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme 1366RT Heatpipe Cooler LGA1366 120MM Fan FDB 1600RPM 28.0DBA 63.7CFM - U120E-1366-RT In Canada.

to maximize your overclocks and cooling potential.
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