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Originally Posted by Alwaysrun View Post
Another fine review 3oh6. One thing I really like about your motherboard reviews is that you show hardware installation. I find your pictures illustrate many things that users may have questions about regarding hardware orientation, height limitations and such. About the only question I have about the layout of this board is the tight fit between the two video cards, I know real estate is limited but dosn't that primary video card sort of get choked for air having the secondary card blocking it's airflow? See I'm looking for a SLi board atm so I'm wondering if considerations like that are worth worrying about. My current board has a nice 1 inch gap where my case side panel fan can blow air between the two cards and seems to help cooling. Once again 3oh6 nice review and sorry for straying a lil OT.
thanks...glad they help, that is the goal, try to think of how guys are going to setup a board and anticipate what they might run into. the memory DIMMs with only one lock tab was brilliant i thought, just a great little idea by ASUS. yes, the two cards are going to be tight, this is not a question. it really is just a by product of the mATX form factor. as i said in the review, concessions have to be made. The big reason for ASUS not gapping the two PCI-E slots by one more slot so there is some room is that the second card would then be hanging over the bottom edge of the board. it was a toss up i would imagine...keep the cards tight, or have a card over the bottom edge. it think they went the right way with it.

Originally Posted by Eldonko View Post
Nice work Jody! I like - "For the first time ever, an i7 motherboards price is in the positive column"

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yeah, when i looked at the price i was a bit surprised. sure it is still $300, but unfortunately, that is decent for i7.

Originally Posted by someguyfromhell View Post
Nice review but 1 minor problem. On page 4 of the review, you wrote Jmicron 636 instead of 363
and there it is. i knew i would have to type something backwards and miss it. it is definitely a 363 controller...notice the symmetry of my mis-type?

thanks for the heads up, will get the crew on it.
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