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My System Specs


Well things change quickly, a few quick orders and the build has changed a great deal.

The New Build:
i7 920
Foxconn Bloodrage
Corsair Dominator GT
ATI 4870x2
Corsair TX850

The guts, one of the most expensive piles I have ever made:

GPU looking all big and impressive:

And his new clothes:

One big red and black board, this thing is a dream to work with:

And a money shot with the ram installed, too bad the flash oversaturated it:

While I am waiting for a few stray pieces, here is a test shot of what my sleeving will look like once the cables are all in place

Not the best job I could have done, but I am pleased. Still waiting on a few things, the case is still out at the powder coaters, hopefully getting jazzed up nicely.

This board though, great to work with, glad I followed MpG and got it, I nailed 3.8Ghz and 2000Mhz ram in under an hour with decent temperatures, 4Ghz is stable but requires a bit much voltage.

Hopefully more to come soon.
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