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These are suggestions i need you become your own worst enemy. Money saved would be key I've been on a P4 now for several years and anything dual or quad is a jump :) so that being said my original build is wanting to keep the gtx 260 216 i'm not too concerned about sli or crossfire so I thinkI'll stay with e8400 and gtx 260 SO what board and psu would be ideal. I know the gtx suggests at least a 500w psu would the cosair VX550 be enough. I was originally gonna go the Cosair 650 psu as not to leave myself short on power and there was only $10 difference for the 750 psu so i went that route but if 550psu can do it thats $50 bucks or more saved. Also the P5Q board had many features and good reviews @ $125 and free shipping on full order from ncix so i figured good deal even though i won't be using crossfire. If theres a cheaper board thats good quality and so on i would change that also from the P5Q. As i said the P5Q looked like a great deal and many plus reviews.Keep suggestions coming would love to have this on the way before end of May as all these items are priced for then and i'm dying to move from P4 - radeon 1650 pro status to E8400 dual --- GTX260 216. I'm sure my online experience of COD4 will change significantly. I know theres a lot more high end out there now but this would make a older dad of 2 new kiddies a big kiddie himself. LOL!

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