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Originally Posted by Oversized Rooster View Post

Finally...about this new thermal compound...if it really could drop your temps by 5 as compared to AS5 or MX-2 then don't you think you would see it for sale at reputable stores instead of just at this forum? Again...false expectations.
Don't mean to sound bias, but that's not a conclusion based on imperical data and contrary to the results even just off this forum alone. Just follow the link and check back often...the "reputable" list will continue to grow. And I consider HWC one of THE most reputable sites on the net.

@OP, seems like you're getting good results under load. I never place much stock on the idle readings...load is what really matters and there's been much confusion about how good the sensors are on these chips at idle anyways. 6C delta is pretty good from my perspective.

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