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did a small session tonight that was suppose to be for testing memory - which didn't work out - so plan B was to get some clocks settled for a 9800GT SLI run on LN2, well that didn't work out as i insulated the wrong slot on the Classified and the card wasn't being recognized. soooo, plan C was to run some 06 and get the GTX 295 running at high CPU clocks. there was a small issue when Bojangles and i tried a few days ago. needless to say...i got it sorted

good for 6th globally for single card 06 at HWBot, and so close to a global top 5. here is the ORB link...

ORB - Compare

and the screen shot...

so it just goes to show, when things go terribly wrong, you can still get something accomplished if you have a long enough list of stuff to do
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