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Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
Ya that looks way confusing. Have you tried handbrake? The advanced options gives a considerable amount of control.
Confusing for a new user/someone who's never used it perhaps, but not to me.

The difference is equivalent to this, x264 = Assembly, megui using x264 = C, handbrake = Java/C#, badaboom = Visual Basic

The lower down the chain you go, the easier it is to use, but you lose control, efficiency, and at times, quality. The higher up you go, the harder it is to use, but the more control, better efficiency, quality and performance you can get.

Give me 5 minutes with the latest custom build of x264(and MeGui to double check my settings), and I can produce an encode that will finish faster, at a smaller size, and better quality, than anything you can do with handbrake, badaboom(well maybe not faster than badaboom, but defenatly better quality and size) and etc.

That's not to say Handbrake isn't bad, if you don't need studio quality encodes, its just fine for personal use. I'd have to double check but I'd be willing to bet handbrake, at its core, based around x264 anyways.

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