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My System Specs


Originally Posted by 3oh6 View Post
that indicates that the cooling is handling the heat load quite well. a 6C delta between idle and load is very good. should indicate good contact and the cooling being very far from its limits.
Well, I was surprised too with the LOAD temp... It was barely moving from it starting point. Thank you for sharing your expertise 3oh6 .

Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Yeah, that is a good delta, could just be warmer than normal Ambient Air because of what I already mentioned 3oh6.
And, his Northbridge is right there as well, thats a lot of heat dump in a confined space.
I'd love to get my Thermal Eye to have a look at that and see if that is the case.

Well if it ain`t broke, I shouldn`t take the heatsink off and rotate it. But I wonder if you could confirm what Soultribunal said 3oh6. Is it true that the way I put my TRUE that it would draw more hot air. Should I put it that it is facing the rear exhaust? Also, you may note that if I rotate it, then I draw hot air from my RAM modules...

Originally Posted by BT! View Post
no need to lap the cpu aswell, just lapping the true will make a difference, it did with mine. take a razorblade and check to see how rounded it is, you'll be surprised.. both my trues were rounded huge.
Yeah I saw it, I took a ruler yesterday and I could see the "magnificent curve".
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