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Im pretty sure the 8600 gt came in AGP but their really hard to find. Id let my card go for $30 + shipping but like I said it will be a week atleast before I could lose it.

Heres a couple nice AGP cards =) - Buy Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 512MB GDDR3 AGP 2XDVI HDCP HDTV Out Video Card - 100228L In Canada.

Had no idea they made a 3850 in agp... - Buy Powercolor Radeon X1650 Pro 600MHZ 512MB 1.4GHZ GDDR2 DVI D-SUB S-VIDEO Out ( HDTV Ready) AGP Card - X1650PRO 512MB AGP In Canada.

$65 and would stomp any older 9xxx series card. - Buy EVGA E-GEFORCE FX 5200 128M DDR AGP VGA S-VIDEO Out Video Card - 128-A8-N303-L2 In Canada.

Low end but DIRT cheap.... - Buy Powercolor Radeon X1650 Pro 600MHZ 512MB 660MHZ DDR2 AGP DVI VGA TV Out Video Card - X1650PRO 256/64 AGP In Canada.

another x1650... even cheaper...

I dont know if your interested in buying new or reallly wanted something older but theres some idea of what you can get in AGP, NCIX was selling the 4650 in AGP but their backordered so I didnt link it, I didnt even know they where still making agp cards...
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