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Originally Posted by lsorense View Post
Ehm, you do know that 8-8-8-20 is a lot faster timings than 9-9-9-24 and would in fact make it a lot less stable, right? The timings is how many clock cycles certain operations take to complete, so more clock cycles means more time for the ram to do the job correctly.

This is why you see higher timing numbers on faster clocked ram. After all 8 clock cycles at 1000mhz is a lot more time than 10 clock cycles at 1600mhz, and it simply takes time for the electronics in the ram to do their thing. More expensive super fast ram is just made that much better and to be faster at responding to allow lower timings.

Basically if you tighten up your timings, stability issues will increase. If it boots at all. Problems with ram are frequent, i had to RMA my last Crucial Ballistix ddr2-800. Nothing i could do.

Run Memtest86+ first and see if it gives you errors.
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