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Default wPrime - 32M/1024M Benchmark Competition

Hello one and all! In the vein of Finch's superpi mod 1.5 benchmark competition, I'm starting this thread as a comparison benchmark for those of us who care more for multi-threaded benchmarks and the relative performance of different single- and multi-cpu (but always multi-threaded) processors.


1 - Use wPrime which can be downloaded here:
wPrime Multithreaded Benchmark
2 - Run either the 32m or 1024m benchmark and post the results as following in your reply:

xx.xx Seconds - 32m
xxx.xx Seconds - 1024m

CPU: xxxxx @ x.xxGhz - x total cores/threads
Motherboard: xxxxxx
RAM: xxxxxx
3 - Post a completed 32m and/or 1024m screenshot with the completion time (click "view results" after completing either benchmark) along with a Minimum of one CPUz window open showing your processor information (for multiple cores/processors, multipl CPUz windows may be used) in your reply with the info from step 2.
Optional - Post additional CPUz screenshots of your motherboard and RAM specifications.

I will be creating a spreadsheet type database with all the results and updating post #2 with the results when I can. I'll also include any other graphs deemed important, such as performance/thread, performance/socket, price/performance, etc.

Competition is open to Any system that has at least two (2) threads!

Let the competition begin!

Edit: Due to the limited number of multi-cpu systems on the forum, I'll allow multiple results from the same user, keeping the highest score for each multi-cpu system.
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