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Nice review (as usual). Especially the TIM test at the end. It's amazing how many cooling devices are paired with lousy choice/poor application of TIM.

Yeah, first thing that came to mind when I saw the product picture was "Be nice if that unit could just use a mobo fan header". Maybe a fan header plug, with a 6-inch molex adaptor/extension as an option?

The unit's heat dump really is a . It might be redeemable if it at least sucked in some cold air through the expansion slot, but all this does is heat and mix the air that's already inside... by the time you made enough air flow through the case to compensate, you'd completely loose any silencing benefits. And 10 degree increase in temps will get most PSU fans ramping up too.

Q: How many slots are occupied by it? I can't quite tell, but it almost looks like you're losing that PCI-E x8 slot too...
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