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My System Specs


So, yesterday, I finally had the chance to change my fan on my TRUE. I removed my 2 SF12 and replaced them with the P12 (Thanks Encorp ). Just before doing these tests. I just checked my IDLE temperature, and it was 37 - 38, the load temps were around 46 - 47.

So anyways, I removed the TRUE and all the fans, removed my old TIM and decided to put the IC7. Also, since the Bracket was out, I decided to put a Quarter under the bracket (didn't have any dime on me ). So, I applied the IC7 like the instruction said (5 - 5.5 mm). I then applied before with my hand, and try to see if it was evenly distributed. It was covering I would say 70% of my CPU... so I reapply some (smaller amount) and then right away I bolt it down. I could feel the quarter doing it's job as I couldn't move the heatsink anymore.

I plugged everything back together, I put the fan at 70% in my Smartfan setup, if they go over 50 degrees, they go at 100%. Check the BIOS temperature... 37 degrees

No changes! I changed 3 things: The TIM, The FANS and added a .25 under the bracket of my TRUE... something is wrong here... I was expecting to drop under 30 at least with all that. I have been doing a load test aswell and I was hitting roughly 45 - 46...

I'm seriously speechless... no changes... there has be something that I did wrong...

Anyways, :help:

Here's some pics

BTW, the Quarter was properly centered afterwards, this was my first try of clamping it.

Wires got tucked under the fan header afterwards.
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