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Default Finished product

Well, I think I'm all done....for now, until the SSD's get back from RMA that is. I'm pretty happy with the overall look, although I haven't decided if I'll keep all the bling lights hooked up yet. Oh yeah, wouldn't ya know it, I ran out of red tubing and had to use 1 piece of clear so that part will have to change, if anyone happens to have an extra foot of red 3/8"ID 1/2"OD tubing kicking please let me know, all you guys coming on the 23rd? the one who shows up with it? I'll buy ya a pint

In keeping with the red & black theme I decided to cover the psu and dvd drive using some leftover mat padding and just using a 1/2" of the adhesive side to stick it on making it easy to remove if necessary, I think it looks pretty cool

I tried my best to keep the wiring well managed and I figure if I can get the side panel closed without using force?...mission accomplished!

Anyhow, here's a bunch of pics.
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