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Question Help with Biostar P45 settings!

Why are idle volts so much higher than load volts I just found out theres the Vdroop thing. Is there any settings i can change to lower the idle volts?

The higher Volts for the CPU the higher the Vdroop

CPUZ V at idle

CPUZ V at load

My settings
Over-Clocking Navigator [Manual OverClock]
Intel(R) SpeedStep(tm) : Disabled
Ratio CMOS Setting : x9
CPU Frequency Setting : 333
Over Clock Retry Count : 2
FSB Compensation: Disable
FSB(Bsel) To NorthBridge Latch : 1066
DRAM Frequency : 999
DDR2 Enhance Mode : Disabled

DRAM Timing Configuration
DDR2 RCOMP Configuration : Auto
Static tREAD Value : Auto
Configure DRAM Timing by SPD : Enabled 

Clock Gen Configuration
PCIE Frequency Setting : 100
CPU Clock Skew Control : Auto
(G)MCH Clock Skew Control : Auto
CPU Clock Driving Control : Auto

Voltage Configuration
CPU Voltage : +0.150
DDR Voltage : +0.200
Chipset Voltage : +0.100
FSB Voltage : +0.100
CPU Core1 GTL Ref Voltage : 0.63*VTT
CPU Core2 GTL Ref Voltage : 0.67*VTT
MCH GTL Ref Voltage : Auto
CPU PLL Voltage : 1.5v
what do those clock gen configurations do? And what settings should be used for the autos ?
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