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Originally Posted by snafup View Post
hi all returned the gateway slug.
heres my order list let me know what you think

asus p6t mb
asus 4870 1 gb gpu
17 920 cpu this time oclockable
1tb segate 7200 rpm hd
cooling by thermalite
850w psu
Silverstone Temjin TJ09 ATX Case
vista home premium 64 bit
Well I am currently working on a system, and so far I have a TJ04B, a pair of 1TB WD Caviar Blacks, and a 610W PCP&C Silencer. I figure the 920 and a P6T is a good choice. I will absolutely use an nvidia card though. ATI is still in my "bad company" book for their many years of crappy support. Seagate seems to have had a lot of firmware issues over the last few years. Not something I want to put up with either.
Len Sorensen
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