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Thanks for all the responses. One of my concerns about the sniper is that the bottom mount PSU vent holes do not match up to the fan on my Corsair 1000HX power supply. The PSU also hangs over the bottom case fan mount a little but I am not to concerned about that. See pic below. Do you think that it is smart to allow the fan to vent air from half of the fan width? The other half would be blowing air into sheetmetal. I don't want to overheat the power supply.

Also, do you think that the handle that blocks the top fan restricts the airflow that could come out of the large fan? See Pic below. In my opinion this would create a restricion that would make the fan work harder to move air, or just limit the fan's cooling potential.

Thirdly, Since the side panel is just about completely open; do you think that air would not circulate through the case very well through the top fan? See pic below. I think that the air would like to take the least path of resistance and be sucked in mainly from the top of the panel nearest to the top fan. This would seem to create dead spots in the case where air would not move.

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