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If you have to get an ATX case then I would go for the Storm Sniper. It has more/bigger fans and the top is only slightly obstructed by the handles. In other words, air can get out pretty much as efficiently as it would on say, the 902. I know that it's not painted on the inside but if you really, really want a painted interior it's not hard to paint it yourself.

Personally, I would ditch both cases and invest money into a Full-Tower (E-ATX) case. They have far more airflow than an ATX case because you have more room, and often times for fans, like the HAF 932. You will need the extra room and airflow especially if you are going to be housing two GTX 260's (what's a 260GTX? =P) that run pretty hot and are pretty big. It wouldn't cost much more to have a F/T case vs. an ATX case, and the extra money (if any) would pay major dividends in the temperature differences, and the ease of use when you are working in one and have lots of room.
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