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This problem really sounds memory related. If its not the hard drive, the only other time i've seen symptoms like this is when memory is unstable or unsuported.

Could we get some background on system 2
(Sys2:AMD 9950 watercooled at stock settings 2.6ghz on an ECS 780 GM A ultra mobo 4 GB pc6400 800mhz ram@5-5-5-16 timings Antec truepower 430psu gfx Sapphire 4650 1GB) Please answer these questions to better help me understand this unit:

1: length of time this computer has been in operation

2: has this computer been running xp sp2 stable for a long time, and only fails sp3 but otherwise runs perfectly?

3: Have you tried running prim95 overnight lately (its watercooled, i assume it has been overclocked in the past, might want to try it again to see if its still stable, even at stock

4: you DONT have your ram overclocked or over volted right now do you?

5: Do you have another stick of supported ram you could use?

6: Just to confirm, windows xp installs normally on a freshly formated hard drive, installs all things normally and with no problems, however fails the update to sp3?

7: have you downloaded the network installation of sp3, or are you updating it right from windows update? (the network install will download the entire update for installation on multiple computers on a network, so you dont have to download it for each one.)

8: have you used that copy of windows 7 in the past, do you KNOW for fact that the copy is ok? ( if your NOT sure, try downloading microsofts virtual pc, install it on your OTHER computer, make a vpc and try installing windows 7 into it, if it fails there then the copy is junk and causeing us troubleshooting problems, get rid of it or find a copy that will work.)

um, thats all i can think of atm, lets start with that and work from there.

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