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If theres no resistor left, the peice you cut out, then whatever the fan controller is feeding the fan is what the fan is getting. All fans run pretty well the same way, they take a certain amount of power to start spinning and then spin faster as more power is fed to them, even with the tri cool switch in the wire all it was doing was regulating a 12v power down to what ever the setting was, so when your fan controller lowered the power it still should effect the fan speed weather you have the switch installed or not.

I agree with JMCD your controller may not be reading the speeds right or something, open your case and see if you can tell a difference in the fan speeds as you turn up the speed on the controller. I have never heard of a fan not being supported by a controller as long as it falls within the rated voltages needed by the fan, aka a fan that takes to many amps/volts to run might not work on a lower rated fan controller.
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