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Default Faulty Akasa Fan controller

Dear Fellow PC lovers
A sombre era engulfs me as I type this message.
I bought the "Best Fan controller in the world" the "Akasa Fan Controller Pro" thinking it would alter fan speed.
All it has done is altar my sanity.
(ok, well nit that bad but still pretty bad )

I have connected a small antec 80mm case fan to it as well as an Antec Tricool Fan 120mm blue LED to it but the controller has doen nothing to the speed.
After hour's of thinking, i decided to cut off the speed switch on the Tricool thinking ti woudl solve my problems but it didn't, fan controller still wotn change the speed.

Is it just a problem with Antec fans or is it my Fan controller

I've asked on several forums, but they're mainly american, so I don't suspect them to be good. This is Canadian eh, i have high expectations

please help.

PS, I am gonna get the antec 900 2 gaming case. Right now im considering replacing all the fans except the rear exhaust and big boy with Akasa fans so I can use the controller.

Will AKASA FANS deffinalty work with the Akasa fan controller?
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