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Originally Posted by HuttFuzz View Post
Also quick questions. Do you think there would be a difference between 191x20(21 w/turbo on) and 191x19(21 w/turbo on) ? Difference in the temps i mean.
not sure what you mean here. 191x19 with turbo is only 191x20...unless your motherboard automatically pushes 21X with turbo enabled which is common. if that is the case, then you "shouldn't" see a difference. don't think of turbo as anything other than opening the 21X multi. so 191x21 is 191x21, temps should be the same..."should".

Originally Posted by bojangles View Post
Yeah that's what I had to run. 191x21 (Turbo mode) has been stable for awhile now. I've been running two instances of FAH with CPU Affinity change and I'm getting just over 6000 PPD. That's without VMware either. It's been running all through the night. It's seen temps as high as 78 degrees now though. I may be able to drop the voltage down a bit

Perhaps I'll try running a single fan on the TRUE and see if that extra fan is actually doing anything. I need a better elastic band on the second fan too...I'm afraid of it breaking on me.
good to hear 191*21 is running smoothly. i think temps are fine for that but obviously if you can lower the vCORE, that's a bonus.

the second fan is likely doing a lot, and not just for the CPU. it is definitely helping the PWM heat sink as well by blowing just above it. my guess would be a pretty substantial increase in CPU and PWM temps with the second fan (the pull fan) taken out.
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