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While this thread may be wandering off topic with all the fan discussion, it sure is interesting info! Watching this closely!

Back to the cooler... this HSF will solve a couple problems I have with my current system, yet introduces new problems (the fan and performance per dollar). I've also seriously considered the V10, yet am leary of it because it blocks easy access to changing the ram. I am currently running my Ninja in a pull setup to allow 4 sticks of Dominators in the ram slots, and while the temps didn't suffer much (2 degrees) it bothers me. I could go to a 4GB kit of ram, but when saving for a Core i7, spending money on DDR2 is silly. I'd go with a TRUE or Vanquisher but I don't like the look of them in my system, also I want something that is compatible out of the box with LGA1366.

For a system that has been up for a couple years, I sure am running into a lot of compatibility issues. :/

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