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I know it look stupid, but did you give the time to the PC to install the driver of the mouse... this morning it take me 5 minutes on a customer. computer before the mouse start to work....

Originally Posted by geokilla View Post
For some reason, any mouse I connect to my old Pentium 4 computer suddenly decides to stop working. They are both optical mice, one of them a Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000, while the other is a Logitech laptop mouse.

When I'm booting up the computer, the red light on the Microsoft mouse lights up, then as soon as I enter the Windows XP splash screen and get past that, the red light goes off and the mouse doesn't work. As for the Logitech mouse, the red light stays on even when I get to the Windows XP log in page, but again, the mouse doesn't respond.

Now the weird thing is that the mouse was working fine 1 hour earlier. Now, it just stopped.
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