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Originally Posted by Alwaysrun View Post
Well it's nice to finially see the 64bit Vista drivers have caught up with 32bit version out now for almost a month, better late than never. Hopefully I will be able to see some PhysX options now in the Nvidia control panel under Vista 64bit as I'm looking forward to some benchmarking with Cryostasis tech demo.

F@H with these drivers = Fail (so far)

I would have thought that it was an unstable oc, however when both my rigs got 472 pt WU's they both dropped to around 3400 ppd (with the new drivers). I reset the computer and got both rigs to go back to around 6000 pts + for the 472 WU's. But I never had the problem happen with the 182 drivers I was using... so I blame the drivers

ps. I'm using xp 32 though so once I get resistors I'll se ehow it goes in Vista 64.
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