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Question I'm sooooo confused!!

Ok so, I'm either dumber than I thought or what are the odds??.....I decided to try a couple of old HHD's I found laying around on the Classified just for kicks to see if they would be detected, 1 from my torrent p4 rig and the other that is basically no good due to bad sectors, both are over 5yrs old and low and beyond they were detected!! I then figured I better try all the other HHD's on my P4 rig and much to my surprise NONE were detected!!

Now the thing is, I'm always very careful about static shock, I use a ground strap, I don't work on carpet etc. So, what are the odds of 3 Brand new drives being DOA?? Both the Vertex SSD's and a Seagate 1TB and my VRaptor (that worked perfect on the other board) are all toast??

Anyone with any thoughts??....the good news I guess is the Classified isn't the problem. I guess I'll RMA all the HDD's

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