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I have an XFX gts250 and another one on the way. Cannot wait to sli them and see where they land in the performance realm. I love getting the lower end cards and trying multi card stuff to see how they perform. I had a P5Q Pro board before I switched to the 680i and xfired a pair of 4830s. They rocked the party. At stock speeds they outperformed the 4870 and when overclocked (I had powercolor and they overclocked remarkably well when xfired), they were on par with xfired 4850s at stock speed and blew the 4870 away. I think these will also show impressive results when slied. I will let everybody know when I get the system up and running at full strength. (Also going under water so the rebuild time will be a little longer). I like my gts250 so far. Runs well, folds well, games well for a $120 solution.

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