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Just finished this one.

So roomy when she's empty. Case is a Silverstone TJ04. I like how the fan mounts are drilled right through, no airflow blocking grates -- and still sturdy as a tank... weighs about as much too.

Things get a little cramped when the hard drive bays stick right into the vid card, and the sata connectors on the mobo are right smack in the same area. Took a little creative cable management, and a couple trys -- this is of the first try.

This is the first Corsair PSU I've used, and I likey! The modular cables being flat like ribbon cables opens up some interesting routing possibilities. The thoughts I had in mind never came to pass, they sort of took over and routed themselves and came out nice enough. The cables are quite stiff, but that works more to benefit than problems because they still flex fine with a little effort, and tend to nicely stay put when molded and massaged into place. I'm really impressed with this PSU.

Most recent attempt to sneak the sata cables past the vid card and hard drives. A little unusual, but doesn't look too crazy and certainly not blocking any airflow.

Nice shot of the OCZ Reaper memory (6400's) -- love these sticks, never get even warm, very sturdy and easy to handle, and not a single burp out of them at the various speeds I tested with. I didn't push them very hard at all and never even seeked their limit, but they ran at 1066mhz 5-5-5-15 with only 1.85 volts. As I said, not a single error out of em yet.

Finished! For now...

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