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sorry, i was very busying... i take some time to complete both TIMs...

pretty dirty for about 8 months...

i removed and suprised...

not center... i dont know why... maybe i moved thermalright cooler to west during install bolts?

Pre-IC7: thermalright chillfactor 2(? stock paste from black edition)
stock 2.66ghz
idle core0: 43
average: core0: 52.1, core1: 48.0, core2: 54.7, core3: 49.4
max core0: 56

Pre-IC7: thermalright chillfactor 2(? stock paste from black edition)
idle core0: 42
average: core0: 56.9, core1: 50.8, core2: 54.8, core3: 52.3
max core0: 59

first, i warmed up it in the hot bowl for 5 mins...
well i can't make it as large pea... so i do something like this...

its really hard to install during inside the case... i really should take out the mobo for easily installing fan and bolts... my hands and cpu cooler are too big for this small space ;[

warm up for about 12 hours because i found thermalright is little loosing... not enough pressure from bolts...

stock 2.66ghz
idle core0: 40.3
average: core0: 51.1, core1: 45.0, core2: 49.5, core3: 47.2
max core0: 52.7

idle core0: 41.5
average: core0: 55.5, core1: 49.8, core2: 54.5, core3: 51.8
max core0: 57.8

soon i will try to test ga-ep48-u3dp and bolt mod too...

conclusion; its pretty good... about 3 degree difference... if i use a bolt mod for more pressure then it could make more different...

i also notice that real temp and occt temperature are different... if it were real temp then exactly 10 degree different.... for example... if 58 degree from occt then real temp would read as 48degree... so i am not sure anymore...
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