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Originally Posted by The_Smurph View Post
Ive also read that more fan blades = less static pressure. Ive pretty much come to the conclusion that listed fan specs = a bunch of hot air.
Definitely. Probably the most reliable of the specs you'll find are those with their roots in OEM/server areas, such as Yate Loon, Delta, Panaflo, San Ace, etc, where they developed their specs for companies concerned about warranties, and with less tolerance for BS. Whereas companies selling their fans as retail or even as 'premium', have a much larger incentive (and leeway) for fudging things.

Have yet to find a pattern for # of fan blades, although I'm fairly certain at this point that fewer blades makes for a lower pitched noise. My Delta EFB's (3-blade) make a quite noticeably lower sound than my Panaflo's (5-blades) or Ultra's (7-blades), at the same rpm.
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