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Awhile back I posted on NCIX about the fact I received an open box Classified only to find out that is supposed to be opened to prove it was tested, I felt pretty stupid about it at the time. Anyhow, the one for my rig was a completely sealed box inside and out and I opened it and just carried on with my build, I tested it before hand and everything appeared to be ok. Well, appearances I guess are deceiving, turns out my non tested board has controller issues. It won't detect HDD's! It did detect the DVD drive though. I tried everything I can think of, reset cmos, removed battery, tested all 5 HDD's in each of the 6 sata ports (also, in the bios it read Sata 0,2,1,3,4,5 which I found strange), flashed the bios (as per EVGA tech), after the flash it did detect the Samsung HDD and it detected in all 6 sata ports but still none of the other drives would show up on any port. I called EVGA again and talked to a tier 2 tech and he was actually shocked to hear the board was an unopened box. After going over several details I was told to RMA it. To make things worse, I couldn't even get through to NCIX RMA dept today and of course there's no callbacks for RMA or tech support. So it looks like I'll have to wait another couple weeks to get this monster up and running. BUMMER!

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