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Default Help with 2900xt installation

Hey i recently built a computer and i have my HD 2900xt
needless to say the instructions are shit and not detailed at all so i installed it and plug the 6pin pci-e cable in to the 6 pin slot no boot display nada so well i think wtf? red led on the main board and a red led ner 6pin is on whats going on so i take the 6 pin plug it in the 8pin slot thing boots up i get OS installed what not after abit i get a graphics card doesnt have enough power? wtf so i shut her down plug the other pcie cable into the other 6pin slot boot it up and its good to go so far did i install this thing right? or em i looking at going back and getting an over the counter exchange? lol after it frys good thing i have warranty

oh i should note that the redled switch was on ner the 6 pin plug on the gpu and shut off when i plug the other pcie in so currently its using 2 pcie cords

i have played supreme commander for about 9 hours straight all settings max 1680 - 1050 resolution it works wounders? just need to know if its installed correctly

really wish they took the time for a more detailed graphics card manual
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