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Originally Posted by Lithotech View Post
What you should really be looking for is a high static pressure fan, not CFM or RPM. The static pressure is what will help drive the air through the crosshatch. Unfortunately, that spec is rarely listed for fans. The Scythe S-Flex are high static pressure, and I think the Zalman ZM-F3. There are certainly others...

I am sure that delta listed at "Max Air Pressure 12.43 mmH²0" must be pretty high (I've nothing to compare it too), considering it's 150CFM at 4000RPM! The pci slot fan controller will help keep the noise down when you don't need full cooling power.

Let us know how it goes with removing the shroud!

Yeah def will let you know on the shroud. I do have an extra S-Flex G(75CFM), but im not sure that would make a big difference in the temps. Def was looking at fans that have a CFM rating about 100. Yes I do agree also that I need a high static pressure fan but this is not a commonly listed specification. Ive also read that more fan blades = less static pressure. Ive pretty much come to the conclusion that listed fan specs = a bunch of hot air.
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