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I have the Swiftech 655-B pump and it works great and is silent.
There is some debate about what speed it actually runs at.
FYI swiftech response on the MCP655 vs MCP655-B - -

I also have just installed (last weekend) the Swiftech 120 rad you selected and I'm not impressed with it at all. I have a low CFM fan on the swiftech 120 and I plan to switch to something with higher CFM this weekend. I have a Hardware Labs BIX 2x120 for my main rad.

As for fans I used these logitech for high CFM along with a rheobus and they work well and look cool with LED's but they do make noise. quite a lot of noise at high speed.
I also use a couple of these yate loons and they push some decent air are are very quiet
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