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Default Build for a friend

1. What YOUR PC will be used for. That means what types of tasks you'll be performing.
Gaming mostly, but also the basics such as surfing, listening to music and watching videos.

2. What YOUR budget is. A price range is acceptable as long as it's not more than a 20% spread
700 CAN

3. What country YOU will be buying YOUR parts from.

4. IF YOU have a brand preference. That means, are you an Intel-Fanboy, AMD-Fanboy, ATI-Fanboy, nVidia-Fanboy, Seagate-Fanboy, WD-Fanboy, etc, etc, etc, you get the picture.
whatever is cheaper

5. If YOU intend on using any of YOUR current parts, and if so, what those parts are.

6. IF YOU have searched and/or read similar threads.
yes, a few

7. IF YOU plan on overclocking or run the system at default speeds.
default speeds

8. WHEN do you plan to build it?
within this month(May)

so A friend of mine asked me to help him build a new PC. so far I've got the following.

AMD Athlon X2 7750 Black Edition
Gigabyte GA-MA770 UD3 ATX AM2 /AM3
Sapphire Radeon HD 4830
G.SKILL F2-6400CL5D-4GBPQ PC2 6400 4GB
LG GH22NS30 Black DVD RW
Samsung 250GB HDD
Antec Sonata 3 w/500W PSU
ATI 4830

Now he just ordered this stuff, but I decided to post anyway so he has a chance to cancel and change his order. I just would like to confirm all these parts are compatible.
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