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Has she bought anything yet, Reality?

If not, here's some feedback for the the Asus EEE PC 1000HA 6-cell i've had for a week.

First of all, it is awesome. I've had it at a good price, take a look at Staples, i was surprised to see their low price for it.

I agree with all what Toronto122 said about it, too.
Here is my major problem with it though : The touchpad is close to the space bar and i very often endend up clicking somwhere i didn't want while i was using Word. It makes text writing a little problematic, but it ain't that bad. The touchpad is still very cool, with the 2 fingers options, 3 fingers, rotation, stectching, really impressive what this thing can do. I didn't have the feeling it slowed down the computer neither.

The performance is good, i've installed Vista Inspirat and other apps that take some RAM and didn't notice any slowdown.

As for transporting it, it came with a nice little case (although it doesn't really protect it...) that allows you to put it easily in a school bag. The case isn't big enough to put the power chord in, though. However I've been able to put a mice inside.

For playing movies, i cannot tell. But it runs SNES emulation just fine!

It is the kind of thing you need for school, university especially. Easy to transport, fast for small apps like Word and Internet browsing, fast startup and good battery life.

Keyboard is billingual indeed, which is for me, a good thing.

Like Toronto122 said, if she doesn't mind other colors (like white), it makes the computer look way less dirty. Fingerprints all the time. Personnally i didn't want the white one cause i'd look like having a Mac

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