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My System Specs


How would the two setups compare in terms of speed?

180bclk x21 (with turbo on) for 3.78GHz
RAM @ 1080 (6x multi)

170bclk x21 (with turbo on) for 3.57GHz
RAM @ 1360 (8x multi)

I am thinking about getting better RAM, but before that I have to upgrade my video card so this will have to do.

I'm also still curious about trying 200bclk x19, with memory multi x6 (1200Mhz).
That's 3.8GHz and will have my RAM running closer to spec without going over (makes me think of The Price is Right...).
How would something like that compare to the other two setups?
Best thing to do is try one...get it Stable....Benchmark it!
Then try the other ones and Benchmark it...

In "real world" stuff, I would say that your faster CPU speed will be more noticeable than the faster Memory.....I'm not familiar with your Board / many Memory Dividers do you have, as in 2:6, 2:8, 2:10, 2:12, 2:14 are these what you have?

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