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I'm pretty impressed with this chip so far. I put it head to head with my C0.
4 GHz
1.28 vcore
Idle: ~45deg
Load: ~70deg

4 Ghz
1.20 vcore
Idle: ~40deg*
Load: ~65deg*

* Use some no-name white thermal paste, while the C0 had AS5.

The D0 overclocks very well, but the heat goes up quite a bit as you increase the voltage. Like 3oh7 said, this chip truly shines with sub-ambient cooling.

I'm going to slowly make my way up from 4 Ghz, and see what my watercooling can handle.

In my last post i did a suicide run at 4.5Ghz with 1.45vcore just to see what this chip can handle. The chip seemed stable, but it idled in the high 50's, and i couldn't do a stress test because OCCT would fail because of high temps (very close to 100deg)
At 4.5Ghz, 1.35 vcore, the chip idled at high 40's, but got a BSOD when running OCCT. I guess i have to play around with some settings to hit that magic 4.5 Ghz.

The setup i'm using right now is not that great. I have the Swiftech GTZ with the MCR360 with 3 Noctua P12 fans. Not something you would consider "performance" watercooling. Maybe i'll have more luck with the PA120.2 + Skythe S-Flex.
I also have a spare EK Supreme block... i don't know if that would perform better than the GTZ...
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