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Default Resistors for VGA Dummy Plug

Hey there Folding Canucks!

I spend the last week or so, trying to find the resistors needed for the VGA Dummy plug that we use in Vista while folding. As we all know, the dummy fakes an 'attached screen' to your GPU and will therefore allow the GPU to fold. I checked several hardware stores including the Source, but nobody has them. Then I found a store called Sayal Electronics that has just about everything in electronics you could possibly look for.

Here is what the resistors look like:

These come in a strip of 100 (!) for $ 5,- and are rated for 75Ohm, 1/2 watt and 5% tolerance. You'll need three in each VGA dummy that you're making. As you can imagine I personally need only 3 VGA dummies so I'll have a few leftover. If you are coming to the Hardware Canucks Folding Team Boozapalooza , I'll be more than happy to bring a few along for those who don't have them yet!!!

Allright, off to make some dummies now....
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