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Ya, I have 2 - 120mm fans in series blowing onto the GPU and Rivatuner to keep the temps good there. And since the pics were taken I've made the top-mount 120mm fan as an intake to blow across the mobo, then the rear exhaust. Everything is running heavily in a front-to-back wind tunnel LOL. I've got alot of 120mm fans going and the 60mm RAM fans blow across the mobo too, so that helps.

Mind you, the Quad at 3.4 is not the coolest when 100% load and my CPU and case temps do jump alot, but I live on the edge LOL Actually, the Quad rarely gets fully pushed except when rendering 3Ds.....3DS sucks up every ounce of resource it's a frickin black hole!! LOL. Other than that, it stays within spec and liveable temps for me.

I will likely back down the clocks in the winter since the furnace vent is near my case and then temps will go even higher in the case/CPU......probably just 3.0ghz.

Though I am waiting for the Freezone Elite to be released and then compare that to the Swiftech and see what temps I get..........

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