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Originally Posted by aviduser View Post
I think the v8/v10's are more of a "look at my huge bad ass cooler" than bang for buck product.
<----- points to self

I am quite disappointed, because I really wanted one of these. I have to run my Scythe Ninja in pull mode if I want to fill the ram slots with my tall Dominators. I liked the look of the shroud, and in my CM Haf 932 it would definately fit in nicely.

Shroud is glued to the fan? Snuh? OMG, wtf, your kidding me? Meh.

Glad I didn't already buy one I guess, I have been wanting to for months and managed to resist when I saw it at a small discount. I would have been quite irritated and probably return it.

The shroud is misleading with the allen screws on top, one would think it bolted on top and completely allowed any 120x25mm fan! Arrrrgh, why isn't it so??

The crosshatch fins may not help matters, but I am not so sure. The increased turbulance may help the air collect more heat off the fins, and certainly cause more noise. Unless they tested a version with fins orientated the same throughout, and found it to be worse performance... they would never know for sure. Still, you'd think that the more air passing the fins the better.

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