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I thought that the review itself was excellent, great overview and I really like the comparisons between coolers. I still can't believe that this was beaten by the OCZ Vendetta II, I thought it would even beat the V10. Although, I would have liked to have seen the TRUE 120 or the TRUE 1366 (Same thing anyway) in those comparison charts.

Damn, the V8 or the V10 are definitely not worth the money. After reading multiple reviews on both coolers, I'd like to say that you can buy a Vendetta II for $30 or so and it would be a much better buy then any of CM's cooling offerings. The V8 and V10 is a joke. I can't believe that the $175 V10 only beats the Vendetta II by a degree or so, and only at a fairly high OC. Same with the V8, much higher price, much less performance.
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