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Very nice setup!! I had long debated about installing a 360mm rad in my P180 but decided against it due to 2 toddlers running around the house and probably trying to stick their fingers into the fans......

So I had to go with a completely internal design for mine. For anyone who's looking at an internal setup, perhaps this can give you some ideas.......there's alot of stuff packed into the case.........

-Swiftech 350 (I know, I know.....3/8" does just fine, not to worry)
-Apogee GT
-2 x MCR120's
-Micro Reservoir
-distilled water with HydrX
-3/8" Clearflex, Smartcoils (yes, blue and pink....colours for my son and daughter LOL)

Res > Pump > Rad1 > CPU > Rad2 > Res

There are certainly other products, but for a variety of reasons (budget, space, timing) I went with these. Using a 655 pump instead of a 350 and going to 1/2" tubing will create more space issues inside the case, so keep it in mind if you want to go more hardcore.

-C2Q 6600 @ 3.45 ghz
-Gigabyte 965P-DS3
-4 x 1gb Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC2-8500
-EVGA 8800GTS 640
-Seasonic Energy Plus 650w
-2 x 74gb Raptors
-2 x 250gb Barracudas
-2 x DVD/RW
-Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II NB heatsink cooler
-Zalman fan controller
-a bunch of Noctua 120mm fans @ 1200 rpm
-OCZ XTC RAM cooler

Overall. Added a bunch of additional noise dampening foam to the interior areas of the P180:

Side. The "extra" smart coils you may notice if you look carefully.....are not part of the loop.....they're used to disguise the USB cables and maintain a consistent aesthetic LOL. And no, the CPU > Rad hose is not's just the angle of the pic. Next pic shows a smooth bend.

Upper chamber. Noctuas, more noise dampening, cable management.

Lower chamber. Tight fit but works alright I think. High output fan is connected to fan controller.

Front. Added 2 intake fans, 1 each for upper and lower chamber to increase airflow to the rads. Very minor modification.....some rubber grommet for clearances, some noise matting for separation.

My upper rad is an exhaust configuration right now. Temps seems pretty good considering it's venting the case air and my Quad is above 3.4ghz. I'm gonna try flipping the fan to make it an intake and compare temps. Then for whichever is better, I may do a push-pull on the rad with 2 fans instead of just one.

Hope that helps give some ideas!
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